G.rag/zelig implosion a venezia

G.rag/zelig implosion a venezia

11 apr 20:00 - 23:00 - Venice

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g.rag / zelig implosion deluxxe

a NoWave trio from munich, bavaria on gutfeeling records.

g.rag: guitar, vocals, sampler, noise
zelig: beat
prof deluxxe: moog

So, what kind of the implosion is this?
Well, this is just a beat, a synth, a guitar & a voice. sometimes a crazy selfmade sampler. the implosion is going back to the roots of german/american nowave music from the early 80s. What started 4 years ago as a nowave duo called g.rag/zelig implosion now turned into a trio. Implosion deluxxe was born, when prof. deluxxe en moog joined the implosion line up. The fruits of their collaboration may include but aren’t limited to strange rhythms, sun ra space, dance & trance music, nowave mambos, tasteful cover versions like Wire’s classic „Heartbeat“, late Captain Beefheart weirdness, ambient music, noise music, early 80s german DIY music (check out their rework of „Morgen wird der Wald gefegt“ by Palais Schaumburg, also very tasteful), drone, space punk, fucked up disco. Yeah, whatever.

Hey, the guys just call it NoWave and themselves a NoWave Tanzkapelle, that’s it.

g.rag & zelig are musicians in g.rag y los hermanos patchekos / g.rag und die landlergschwister. And play together for over 30 years now (Don’t go ageist on them). prof. deluxxe is moog player in Trans Love Energy and was part of munich’s seminal stoner rock legend mass.

releases as g.rag/zelig implosion
10 inch (2015)
„tanz nowave“ LP (2016)

new album „schöner warten will be released may 2018


heartbeat www.youtube.com/watch?v=cr-coqHZ1Ro
„schöner warten“ teaser www.youtube.com/watch?v=odX-sWc9r9Q

zelig is a drummer & masseur
g.rag is musician, producer; photographer, DJ, 78ers collector & recordstore owner
prof. deluxxe is a carpenter
all live in munich

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