Feast of San Alfio in Trecastagni on Mount Etna : 8 to 10 May

Feast of San Alfio in Trecastagni on Mount Etna : 8 to 10 May

08 mag 03:30 - 10 mag 21:30 - Trecastagni


Alfio, Filadelfo and Cirino were three brothers born in the third century in the town of Vaste, in the province of Lecce located in southeastern Italy to a noble and Christian family. Alfio was the oldest, followed by Filadelfo and finally Cirino, the youngest of the three.

They were arrested by Roman soldiers and taken to Rome where the Imperial Court tried to make them denounce their faith. Unsuccessful, the Romans sent them to Tertullo, the governor of Sicily in the city of Lentini.

The Brothers and soldiers traveled from Rome to Messina, Sicily and then marched south through Sicily. Along the way the Three Brothers and soldiers stopped and rested in the town of Trecastagni in early September 252.

Once in Lentini, they were beaten and cruelly tortured by Tertullo’s soldiers trying to make them deny their Faith, but they remained steadfast.

After months of torture, Tertullo became furious and ordered his soldiers to produce the final instruments of death if they refused to worship the pagan gods.

On May 10th in the year 253, the Brothers were martyred in Lentini and received the palm and crown of martyrdom. The Romans tied 22 year old Alfio to a post and tore out his tongue as he was the most outspoken of the three. Filadelfo, 21 years old, was burned on a gridiron and Cirino, only 19, was thrown into a cauldron of boiling oil.

But the story does not end there. It’s just the beginning. During their lifetime and after their death, numerous miracles have occurred which are attributed to the intercession of the Saints.

Since the 1500s, the people of Trecastagni have held a grand Festa each May 10th and in early September in honor of the Three Saints who stopped and rested there.

We will be visiting Trecastagni during the period of the Feast of San Alfio, as also other interesting places in the area, including Nelson's castle in Maniace, the town of Randazzo with its open air market as also the Nebrodi mountains.

Mount Etna

Adults EUR 375
Children aged 4 to 14 EUR 295
Infants under 4 EUR 50

which includes:
Catamaran Malta-Pozzallo-Malta
All taxes and port charges
All transfers and accomodation by luxury coach
Accomodation on half board basis at the 4**** Il Picciolo Golf Resort in Linguaglossa on Mount Etna, inclusive of lavish buffet breakfast and dinner, inclusive of unlimited local wine and mineral water
Services of Sicily-specialised Tour leader Mario Spiteri CPA

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