Retreat: The Secret of Peace

Retreat: The Secret of Peace

24 lug 23:00 - 28 lug 02:00 - Rufina
Grempoli Retreat


In our daily life, we often yearn for peace: with ourselves, with our colleagues, for our community, country and nation - world peace. The most innermost desire for human beings is love and peace. If you would like to explore 'peace' from a multidimensional perspective, in a yogic fashion, we invite you to join us this summer in Grempoli, Tuscany Italy. We explore what peace means to us individually and see how we might create a more peaceful world around us. We do so, practicing Yoga, Self Enquiry, learning about conflict resolution and transformation, Non-Violence at all aspects.
it is a retreat for the serious Peace seeker and Yogi, in the safe and peaceful Grempoli 30 km outside of Florence. The retreat will be hosted by Santi Das (Dr. Antje Herrberg) a long time practitioner of peace work at all levels, currently working on her book "The secret of Peace" Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavanthu.

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Svara yoga: il ritmo della vita

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Grempoli Retreat Grempoli Retreat
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