23 mar 09:00 - 30 mar 18:00 - Livigno


WEM recently asked itself the question ‘who takes care of the carers?’ with relation to medical professionals working in extremes be that in war zones, expeditions, remotely with little support, as an isolated or overwhelmed GP, in a busy stressed Emergency Department or on a paramedic crew.

We then asked ourselves the question ‘what can WEM do to help?’ and we came up with our answer; WEMski.

With our history and heritage firmly steeped in expeditions, special forces medicine and working in some of the planets most remote, and dangerous locations we know the pressures clinicians, nurses and paramedics have to work under.

WEMski is a gathering of people less ordinary for a week of inspiration, networking and learning with 110 kilometres of awesome ski runs right on the doorstep!!

If you are a non-skier there are lessons to be booked and a host of other pretty amazing facilities to keep you busy!

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